Dr. D. (English)

(naar Nederlands) Hi everyone, I am Dr.D. and recently I became the responsible person to give workshops, training and interactive lectures about and most of all with humor. To me, humor is a way to look at the world in a playful, creative and childlike way. Sibe Doosje on the other hand is the somewhat boring, scientifically trained owner of the Humor Lab. He studied humor styles, humor an autism, the life and personality of comics and the Cliniclowns. Of course I love to use his knowledge but as a doctor in humorology I would like to add a tad or truckload of humor to that. I think it works better. The picture at the left hand side shows me at work at a symposium Humor Now in november 2021 in Leeuwarden (actually, this was my audition and I was hired!). The symposium was about the intriguing relationship between humor and activism. There were also artists presenting their work on the theme. If you would like to see me work in person, please send an e-mail to sibedoosje@gmail.com. You can also call me at +31 (0)618989566.